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2nd Staff Week- Eng

Data aktualności: 09-11-2017

2nd Staff Week- Eng


In the period 8-12.05.2017, we hosted university employees from the following countries: Portugal, France, Italy, Estonia, Georgia, Turkey, Spain, England and French Guiana. An intensive week of meetings took place as a part of the 2nd Erasmus+ Staff Week.

The Maritime University of Szczecin Career Services in cooperation with the Foreign Languages Department was responsible for the organizing the international meeting.

The training week program included workshops on the role of entrepreneurship, teaching foreign languages and supporting students in career development. Participants of the Staff Week, also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the Polish language and took part in the Maritime English session organized by the Foreign Languages Department, with the students of the Maritime University.

"It was a really fruitful meeting and I made along a lot of valuable contacts here," said Giovanni Portosi from University of Trieste.

"The most interesting thing I've learned this week is the fact that so many people from different backgrounds/environments and cultures can communicate together and collaborate so quickly," Howard Duffy from Surrey University in Guildford, UK summed it up.

The participants also noticed how valuable the international staff exchange is and what the Erasmus "spirit" means. It is an exchange of experiences and knowledge away from dailiness, which allows participants to develop not only academically but also culturally and socially.

"For the entire week I got a lot of useful tips from the Staff Week participants," said Olga Almahroq from Georgia. "I think those tips will help me to outline the new direction of my career. I will also share the knowledge gained here," she added.

Guests took part in activities with elements of non-formal education such as outdoor activities, and the international conference – the last event in the framework of the Project MELES.

Representatives of foreign universities had the opportunity to get acquainted with the university and individual units at the Maritime University of Szczecin. They visited, among the other places, The Marine Traffic Engineering Centre and Navigator XXI- the research and training vessel of the Maritime University.

Besides participation in workshops and the discussion panels, guests got to know the city of Szczecin and traditional Polish cuisine. Moreover, they took part in a special demonstration lesson of the Polish language – specifically prepared for them.

In light of the feedback from participants, we found out that they enjoyed the conference titled: "More entrepreneurial Life at European Schools". Guests also mentioned the informal aspect of the week. The informal part was dominated by culinary workshops and preparing dumplings.

Representatives of academic centers from all over the Europe, still keep on staying with us and exchange views and experiences we provided. Apart from cooperation and continuous contact, another edition of Staff Week is coming up. We've already begun to organize the event.

The most important thing is that through the contact with the participants, we know more about their expectations. What is more, we are able to take into consideration their comments and conclusions.

Next STAFF WEEK just a few months away!



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